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gift card (gift certificate, gift token, gift voucher) is a substitute for cash or credit cards/debit cards payments that shoppers use to make a purchase either at physical locations or online stores.

Subsequently, as such cards can be used both online and offline, there are two of their major types: physical and digital (electronic or e-cards).

You are likely to find data about more gift card types and subtypes online. Nonetheless, they will fall under the two major types that we mentioned above.

Digital gift cards are electronic instances that have no physical representation. They are unique numeric or alpha-numeric symbols that shoppers get to redeem typically on the shopping cart or checkout pages.

Purchased as a gift card online product, such codes are normally sent to their recipients’ email addresses that buyers specify at the moment of purchase. Such emails are often pre-designed by a seller and may offer the print-at-home option.

Physical gift cards are classic plastic or paper certificates that are handed in or sent by regular mail.

How Do Gift Cards Work

Fast forward 20 years and all are familiar with gift vouchers today.

The majority of people have certainly presented or received a card voucher at least once. You will hardly find a store that doesn’t offer them today.

Many CMS such as Magento, Shopify, or Shopware offer modules that help merchants integrate the required functionality effortlessly into their stores (via API as in the case of Magento 2 Gift Cards by Mageworx or by installing software).

Issued by a retailer or a bank, such cards are distributed by small businesses and large corporations as gift products, bonuses, or on-the-job rewards.